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Quick Hints for the Impatient

Additional Information for the More Patient

Recognizing and Interpreting Estimated Dates

Life-span dates in the form "(bbbb - dddd)" will appear after the names of most individuals. These life-span dates have been generated from the information in the source-GEDCOM. In cases where the GEDCOM contains explicit birth or death dates in one form or another (e.g ranges, after-dates, etc.), these are used. In cases where birth dates are omitted in the GEDCOM, estimates for these birth dates have been calculated. Estimates for omitted death dates are never used.

The following codes in the life-span fields describe the source and accuracy of the particular date:

Excluded Information

In preparing the information for this site, a filter may have been used which suppressed information on certain classes of individuals (e.g. those born within the last seventy five years). In the case of any of those individuals, no detailed-entry will appear for them and references to them in the master-entries of others may have (optionally) been replaced by the phrase "private".