In the summer of 1993, my daughter married a Mollohan. Since my mother had just gotten me interested in genealogy, I started playing around with my son-in-law's family tree. Shortly there after, I was introduced to Don Norman's Central West Virginia Families on computer disc. I almost fell over when I discovered how much information was available under Mollohan on these discs. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of information, that I just entered into my computer the direct ancestors of my son-in-law. I had no intention of imputing all of the information concerning the Mollohans from Don Norman's discs. Then, I found out from my son-in-laws aunt (Becky) that there was a Mollohan genealogist up in Morgantown, WV who had even more information on the Mollohans. Some time later in the summer of 1996, I visited James Harry Mollohan, Jr. at his home in Morgantown, WV. Mr. Mollohan graciously gave me a copy on computer disc of what he had entered into his computer up to that time. This file was entered into WordPerfect and not a dedicated genealogical computer program. It consisted of over 400 pages of information and Mr. Mollohan had not yet had time to input the information concerning the two daughters of George Mollohan. Unlike Don Norman and I, Mr. Mollohan did not stop following the descendants of the Mollohan women when they marry into another family. Don and I only list the children and their spouses of the Mollohan women when they marry into another family, and not their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. However, Mr. Mollohan follows these allied families all the way down to the present, if he has the information. Amazing! With Mr. Mollohan's permission, I sent to Don Norman a copy of what I had received from Mr. Mollohan and Don has now incorporated this information into his file on the Mollohans which is now available on the Internet and has filled out the information that he had with the information that Mr. Mollohan provided on the allied families. Don Norman asked me to thank Mr. Mollohan and I would add my thanks at this time publicly. We all owe James Harry Mollohan, Jr. a tremendous debt, so thank you.

    In the Spring of 1997, my son-in-law's father was talking with Congressman Alan B. Mollohan and he informed him that I had a Mollohan genealogy. Dave, Sr. did not know that I had only entered into my computer the direct ancestors of my son-in-law and not all the descendants of George Mollohan. I was thereby motivated to begin to complete my Mollohan genealogy on computer--I use Family Tree Maker for Windows 8.0, Everyone's Family Tree, Genealogical Information Manager. After that, I began to confirm the information that I had received from various sources by visiting numerous courthouses. Thus far, to date I have visited the following county courthouses and extracted all the birth, death, and marriage information on Mollohans from: Barbour, Braxton, Calhoun, Clay, Fayette, Gilmer, Harrison, Kanawha, Lewis, Monongalia, Nicholas, Preston, Raleigh, Randolph, Taylor, Upshur, Webster, and Wood Counties in West Virginia. I have also visited Medina, Stark, and Summit Counties in Ohio, Boyd County, KY, Cumberland and Oakland, MD. I have also been to Cabel County, WV and Columbus, OH but have not extracted all of the information from those places yet. I still need to visit many more counties in WV and various counties in Ohio.

    During the summer of 1998, I came across a book written by B. M. Mollohan, titled On The Waters Of The Elk: The Mollohan Family in Central West Virginia, at the West Virginia Archives and History Library in Charleston, WV. Although it had only a limited amount of new information that I did not already have, never-the-less it had some important information that was of great value and I have incorporated some of it in this work. If you can locate her book, it is worth looking at, for I have not included all of the information in my work.