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The Heise file last updated on 15 September 2000

The Heise Descendants
of Cleveland, Ohio
Compiled by David R. and Lenora C. Heise

I am a Heise descendant researching the Heises of Cleveland, Ohio and compiling my research and others, and have made available the results at this site. You may use the results of that research for the purpose of genealogy only. I only ask that you contact me and provide to me any corrections, additions, or updates that you possess so that I can include it in my "hard copy/printed report", and that you include me as a source at least once (i.e. "Compiled by David R. and Lenora C. Heise, Heise Descendants of Cleveland, Ohio"). If you are a Heise, or are directly related to a Heise, and are willing to reimburse me for the photo copy costs and mailing costs, then I can send you a "hard copy/printed report" which includes the current generation and their children (where known), and include sources for vital information like marriage and sometimes births and deaths. This source information would be the county courthouse records including volume and page number. Not everyone got married in the county that they applied for a license in.

I am responsible for the submission to Broderbund's World Family Tree Volume 7, Tree Number 1791. If there are differences between that submission and what is recorded here, then the data on this site is more accurate and up-to-date.

When you go to the Heise file, it includes some 912 individuals and 68 individuals with the last name of Heise, so it may take 1 minute to load, depending on the speed of your modem, be patient.

Material on these pages are Copyrighted April 1998 by David R. Heise

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